Copywriting and cats

Copywriting and cats are a meowtch (match) made in heaven. Here’s why…

Everyone wants to be at the top of Google, right? We know we do. The only reason you might not want to rank highly is if you’ve done something bad, but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll assume you’re a good egg.

Every SEO expert will tell you that it’s content that will improve your ranking online. They will tell you how the algorithm (whether its called penguin, gnome, Scaramanga or whatever those crazy tax-dodging billionaires decide) will scan your site and somehow deduce how well-written, relevant and targeted the content is.

They will advise you regularly post blogs and content pieces, share these across all your channels (spamming your followers multiple times and across multiple platforms) for maximum impact.

For us, encouraging people to spend money on content is very good news. We’re expert copywriters and SEO content producers. (Naturally).

But we have to admit that content alone won’t deliver you the results you want…

*Hello cats*

Cats are the essential lubricant of the internet. They grease its virtual wheels and keep it functioning.

Did you know, if people stopped sharing cat videos your download speed would triple?

If Twitter banned cat memes, its stock price would collapse by 40%. Overnight.

When Mark Zuckerberg suggested limiting cat photo sharing to just one image per-day experts estimated that the global giant could lose up to 40% of its user base. That’s billions of people gone.

Now, none of this is actually true, but you get the point. People want to look at cats, and indeed any cute furry creature. It’s why we use them as images on the site.

A great image creates clicks. And clicks are what matters. Sure, when people are on your page you need to reward them with content that’s relevant and engaging but getting them to your page is a big challenge. And any challenge is easier with cats.

We put too much faith in algorithms. A computer programme can’t analyse and process the content in the same way a human will. It can spot simple tricks, like simply adding a sentence that includes the phrase ‘copywriting, copywriting, copywriting’, but it can’t critically appraise content. So it makes a judgement call.

What it can do is to measure the number of clicks you get. Combine that with its rudimentary analysis of your page and you’re getting closer to the truth.

So, back to cats…

A great header image will do a good job of grabbing a visitor’s attention. Some of you reading this now will have been captivated by the cute kittens. Far fewer are likely to be hooked in by the generic content that’s obviously been created to increase SEO and maximise clicks.

But if you’ve read this far, it’s done its job.

Because the real value of content is: keywords + clicks + dwell time + bounce rate.

To understand exactly how all this works, we’ll be uploading a new post soon. Until then, check out our blog about whether content marketing actually works.

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