Agency v Bristol freelance writer – which is best?

So, do you want to work with a professional copywriting agency (like us) or a Bristol freelance writer?

Every business that’s investing in content faces the same decision. If you’re worried about the pounds and pennies, freelance writers are the cost-effective choice, right? Not always. In fact, at Copywriting Bristol, we’re consistently cheaper and more creative than your average freelancer (and there are a lot of very average ones). But that’s not the only benefit.

If you’re still undecided on whether to work with a Bristol freelancer or click to connect with the city’s best copywriting agency, here are some things to think about:

Why work with a Bristol copywriting agency?

Copywriting agencies are pretty common in Bristol. Walk down any street in the city, and you’ll see designers on the corner, copywriters in a coffee shop, and we developers doing whatever they do. Why? Because Bristol is a super-creative place with a bustling economy.

We face a lot of competition for our services, which keeps us delivering high-quality work for our clients. The great thing about working for an agency is the breadth of work we’re engaged in. We work with leading organisations in healthcare, education, and business. But we also support new businesses, fast-growing start-ups and exciting entrepreneurs who need some help bringing their idea to life.

You can see some examples of our work, or check out some of our Google reviews (all 5*, naturally).

Surely an agency will be more expensive than an individual? Not necessarily. At Copywriting Bristol, we’re confident we can compete with any freelance writers when it comes to fees.

So, we’re cheaper. But surely, we’re less flexible? In fact, we’re proud of our ability to deliver content at scale for all clients. We’re a flexible business with a core team and a select group of associates. That means we can bring people in to work with us, which means we’ll never disappoint or miss a deadline.  

Why work with a Bristol freelance writer?

Freelance writing is a cool job. You have the freedom and flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want. Whether that’s on a beach in Bali or a less attractive coffee shop in central Bristol, it’s still better than trudging into an office each day.

Freelance writers are often specialists. The best ones have built expertise and authority in a subject and have professional knowledge and insight that few agencies can ever match.

Want to speak to the best damn double-glazing content writer? Don’t go to an agency, find a freelancer.

One of the biggest attractions of working with a freelance writer is cost. Many people think that an individual is cheaper than an agency, but that’s not always the case. Of course, it pays to invest in quality – but some freelancers will charge a premium while still producing a pretty average product.

How do we know? Because lots of our current and former clients come to us after working with other freelancers. It’s our job to honestly appraise their content and provide them with critical feedback and support to improve it.

The other key selling point for freelancers is the previously mentioned flexibility. If they’re free to start today, they’re obviously not busy – which should be a warning sign. On the other hand, if they’re unable to start because of other client commitments, can you be sure that they’re ever going to make your project a priority?

Simply put, freelancer writers lack scale – and if you want your copy quickly, that could be an issue.

Are freelance writers cheaper than copywriting agencies?

We’re in a cost-of-living crisis and business is tough. There’s no avoiding the fact that money is tight for everyone – including us.

It’s a tough decision choosing between a freelancer and an agency, and it shouldn’t always come down to cost – but it often does.

We’re often cheaper than a freelance writer, because we have scale.  We’ve got more mouths to feed, which means we need to fill that capacity – and that means we’re flexible on our costs.

It’s easy to check as we list our fees on our website.

Should you work with an agency or freelancer?

We’re not in a position to tell you what to do. You’re a grown-up with your own experiences and opinions. But we can say that, in most cases, you’ll get the best results for your business with an agency. Where freelancers can add value is in projects that demand specific expertise in a subject or area that an agency just can’t match.

For everything else, there’s no contest between a freelancer and an agency.

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