Money, money, money…

Don’t you hate having to ask for an estimate?

We do. Copywriters and content producers talk a lot about the power of words, but there’s a deafening silence when it comes to the fee.

We all know that money talks. It’s why we’re upfront with our prices.

We charge an hourly rate of £40 for all jobs. That’s it. We’ll only charge you for the work we do.

We’ll provide an estimated time to complete your job and a fee for the work and words. If we take longer, we’ll tell you. If we take less time, we’ll charge less money. 

It’s simple, transparent, honest pricing that’s better for all of us.

To give you an idea of some estimated costs, here’s a basic breakdown:

Website Copywriting

Example – 4 pages, 5 hours. £200

Social Media Posts

Example – 10 posts, 1 hour. £40

Blog Writing

Example – 500 words, 2.5 hours. £100

PPC Copy

Example – 4 ads, 1 hour. £40

Case Studies

Example – 500 words, 2.5 hours. £100

Facebook Advert Copy

Example – 4 ads, 1 hour. £40

Can you do it cheaper?

You can have your job done quickly, cheaply, or properly. What you can’t have is all three. All work is completed by UK writers based in Bristol. We don’t outsource to other content producers or countries (unlike some agencies).

Work with us, and you’ll get a single point of contact for your project and a single price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per hour?

We charge a standard fee of £40 per hour for all copywriting and content work.

Why do you charge a set hourly rate?

You’ve got budgets, right? We know that simple pricing makes it easier for you to sketch out what a project might cost.

It also makes it easier for us when we’re pricing up jobs. You pay £40 an hour, and we only charge you for the time we’ve spent.

Why are you cheaper than other agencies?

Great question. We’ve got low overheads, and we love to work. 

Seriously though, we charge a fair price for what we do. We’re not going to get rich, but you’re not going to be poor. 

It’s a fair amount for the work we do.

Why are you more expensive than Fiverr (or outsourcing agencies)?

Basically, because we do a better job. Anyone who’ll work for five bucks isn’t going to create high-quality work.

Outsourcing agencies work as intermediaries, taking a fee from each job. They don’t care about you, your project, or your business. They only care about profit.

If price is the determining factor, then go with them. If you care about quality, then work with a specialist.


Where is Copywriting Bristol based?

We know some agencies pretend to be in Bristol, but they’re actually somewhere else. 

We’ve been in Bristol for over 20 years, and love the city. Feel free to test us. We can chat about that time we weren’t allowed into the Works, threw up in Johnny Ball Lane, or got foam in our eyes in Evolution. 

What's your favourite colour/animal/film?

Great question(s). The answers are: 

Green, cats, Commando (the Arnie version).