Does content marketing *still* work?

Content marketing has been dominating the thoughts of copywriters in Bristol and beyond for about a decade. But does it still matter?


There’s more to the answer than that though. A massive 91% of businesses use content marketing to engage with new prospects, found the Content Marketing Institute.

It always pays to be a little skeptical of these sorts of self-serving reports, but even so, it seems content marketing is an essential part of engaging online.

Using content to engage prospects or potential clients is powerful. It’s not about taking it’s about giving – whether that’s a detailed blog, whitepaper or report. You’re demonstrating your value and your insight to those who may be interested in you.

If done well, marketing through content can be highly effective.

Done poorly however and it can be a monumental waste of time. Here are some reasons why content marketing can fail:

10 reasons why content marketing can fail:

  • You’re selling too much…
  • Or not enough
  • You’re writing for the wrong audience
  • Your content is boring
  • It’s poorly written
  • It’s badly designed
  • There’s no strategy underpinning your approach
  • You are sending it out indiscriminately to anyone and everyone
  • You’re sending it to nobody
  • You’re not sharing through social


  • Your business sucks

Let’s assume the last one isn’t true and focus on some of the reasons above. They can all be fixed by taking a strategic approach to content marketing. It’s something we will cover in future blogs.

Content marketing works but the world is swimming in content. Before you start chucking more money at the problem – and producing even more content the world doesn’t want or need – think about the 10 commonest content marketing mistakes.

Which ones are you making?

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