Why SEO is common sense

SEO copywriting can seem like a dark art, but writing effectively for ranking is just good, old-fashioned common sense.

The SEO world is one of snake oil, with slippery sales-people promising the earth but delivering little. The truth is there are two ways to rank highly in Google: through an optimised website, effective link building and regular, high-quality content or by paying for adverts.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, a healthy dose of Google Ad spend can add some serious juice to your SEO (something that Google studiously denies, but seems to work for most of us).

As a copywriting and content agency we spend much of our time creating content for the web. This involves following a structured and logical process, where the key information is included in all title tags and woven into the body of the article.

This isn’t a tutorial – there are plenty of those online – but the truth is that Google, like us, values interesting, relevant and cogent content. The rankings aren’t based on the number of keywords, but a more sophisticated analysis of the how well-written, coherent and informative it is.

A common-sense approach to content is the most successful approach. Regularly posting content with value is the old-fashioned way to contemporary success online.

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