Charity Copywriting – Millen Foundation

Charity copywriting involves tugging the hearstrings to loosen the purse-strings. It’s about helping readers to understand what the charity does and why it matters. It’s what we do best…

The Millen Foundation is a new charity that aims to provide expectant mothers in rural Tanzania access to the equipment and drugs that can ensure their births are low-risk and pain-free.

We worked with inspirational Millen Foundation founder Nina Scott to help package up the charity’s proposition. The content helped to position the charity, clarify its aims and objectives and outline how potential benefactors and partners can become involved.

We worked closely with Nina to understand her vision for the charity and to learn about the life-changing work that she had planned. The charity itself involves skilled clinicians within Tanzania, many of whom we worked with to develop strong and confident profiles.

The Millen Foundation website is currently in development and will be published soon. CopywritingBristol is proud to play a small role in a charity that will have a big impact on the lives of those living in rural Tanzania.

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