Supercharging a startup – Awaretag

Awaretag is transforming lives with its revolutionary technology protecting landlords and tenants from the dangers of damp.

The company was created by the inspirational Leonard Carey. He’s built a team of hardware designers and software engineers to bring his ideas to life.

But what does Awaretag do?

It’s the first question we asked. Simply put, they integrate portable sensors with advanced software that can predict mould and damp within the home. It uses the power of the internet of things (IoT) to benefit landlords and tenants.

That’s just the start. Behind the scenes, experts can provide tenants and landlords with real-world advice to reduce mould and damp. The impact on individual health is incredible, ensuring that tenants have a safe space to live.

We worked with Leonard to shape the Awaretag proposition. We reviewed and refreshed the website and collateral to focus on the impact and outcomes. Our work and words are helping Awaretag reach new customers than ever before.

Did it work? Here’s what Leonard had to say…

“Fantastic service! They really understand our technology mission, our voice and branding. The copy was exactly what we needed and is still resonating with our target market.”

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