Need a Bristol copywriter?

Imitation is infectious, especially in the world of online advertising

We’ve been asking Google visitors whether they need a Bristol copywriter for a few years now, and the answer has been a resounding yes. So, we were a little surprised to see that others had started to copy our approach to advertising.

Imitation is meant to be flattering, but we initially found it frustrating. Businesses with bigger budgets (and supposedly superior creative brains) were stealing our copy lines.

It’s all fair in the world of business, but we need a glass of ruby red Rioja to wash away the bitter taste.

But it’s a learning experience, and we’re not ones to waste it (so we created this blog).

Here’s what we learned:

There are lots of Bristol copywriters. Perhaps it’s the recession, a reaction to being trapped inside or just that Bristol is an entrepreneurial place, but there are a lot of copywriters here. OK, they may not have our experience, client list or 5-start reviews, but all power to them for trying to get into the game.

Some Bristol copywriters don’t innovate, they imitate. Do you really want to work with a copywriter that copies? Probably not. We’re not naming names (words are cheap, and we can always change) but take the time to understand who you’re working with before signing on the line.

Creativity costs. We’re a creative agency, and we invest time and effort in developing new concepts and creative content approaches. That won’t change, and nor will the fact we charge a fair rate. There are several cheap copy house (or content mills, if we’re being fair) that claim to be able to produce great quality content for little cash.

On this, we call shenanigans.

Still looking for a Bristol copywriter?

So, you’ve read this far. If you’re still searching for a Bristol copywriter, get in touch. We provide creativity at a reasonable cost for businesses and brands that want to grow online or offline.

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