5 top copywriting tips for dealing with coronavirus

What has copywriting and content got to do with Coronavirus? Read on to find out…

Is it safe to go outside yet? As things slowly get back to normal, you’re probably looking at the content on your website and wondering: just what needs to change.

At Copywriting Bristol we’re working with businesses like yours that are going through some reasonably rapid COVID-19 content generation.

The virus epidemic has illustrated the importance of clear messaging – and what can happen when those messages are muddled. As we tentatively emerge from lockdown, businesses need to ensure that they’re communicating clearly with customers.

If you run a business, organisation or charity, then you have a duty to be direct with the people that rely on you.

Here are 5 mistakes that businesses are making with their website content – and how you can avoid making them.

Corona Copywriting tip #1: Check phone numbers

The wrong phone number for your business is a rookie error, but it’s still being made. Check all the numbers on your website and make sure they’re working.

If your staff are out of the office or working flexibly, let people know.

Tell people if there are issues with answering the phone and be realistic about a timeframe for replies.

Corona Copywriting tip #2: Opening times

Some people are working more, many of us are working much less. Whatever hours you’re doing, make sure your customers are aware of them.

The first thing to check and update is your website. But don’t stop there. Also check all social profiles you have, including your Google My Business listing. (You can check our 5-star reviews for Bristol copywriting if you so wish.)

And don’t forget your Google Ads too. If you work with an agency, ensure they’re delving into the details for you here.

Corona Copywriting tip #3: Customer instructions

If you’re inviting customers to your premises, or if you’re visiting them, tell them what they will need to do. Clear, simple and straightforward instructions are needed here. Bullet points always work well, and list *everything*.

If you’re out visiting clients, see our next copywriting top tip.

Corona Copywriting tip #4: Protection promise

Your customers want to know you’re taking COVID-19 seriously – so tell them what you’re doing to keep you and them safe.

We call this a ‘protection promise’ as it’s about making a pledge that you won’t break. You don’t need flashy content here, simply write from the heart.

Corona Copywriting tip #5: Capture the clichés (and delete them!)

Furlough. Social distancing. Bubble. Lockdown.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the pandemic, it’s a whole load of words that will never be the same again.

It’s easy when writing to rest on clichés. Need an example? See how many times you read or hear the words ‘the new normal’ during a day.

Our favourite overused and hackneyed phrase is ‘now, more than ever’.

Try, wherever possible, to remove any empty or meaningless platitudes. Your customers won’t read your words but skim over them. You’ll be a loser in the ongoing war for relevance.

Right, that’s enough content advice from Copywriting Bristol. If you want to know more, you’ll have to pay. The good news is that we’re affordable but never cheap.

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