Our favourite copywriting software

There’s a whole range of software out there that can help you be a better copywriter. Here are some of our favourites.

Have you heard about the AI copywriter JP Morgan Chase has tested? The ‘too big too fail’ bank has decided to test the use of a robot copywriter and has been impressed by the results.

The bank has been using that Persado AI platform to produce ads for its mortgage business. To you and I (an esteemed audience who understand great copy, naturally) the resulting copy may seem uninspired, but it’s working. In an A/B test, the robot trounced the human copywriter.

Is the future of marketing going to be transformed by AI? We don’t think so. A machine can learn how to knock up passable copy, but the truly inspiring stuff that makes you stop and read, or truly challenges you to think? No. (Or not yet, at least).

So how can software improve copywriting?

You’re likely to find a well-thumbed dictionary and thesaurus on the desk of most copywriters. They’re indispensable aids and can help you break free of any of the common phrases and content cul-de-sacs anyone who works with words can find themselves stuck in.

Today, technology can help us do more. Here are a few of the pieces of software that improve the work that we do.

Keyword Revealer

We do a lot of SEO copywriting, which means we spend a lot of time researching the right keywords and using them. SEO content is all about creating compelling content that’s relevant.

We use Keyword Revealer to give us an insight into what people are searching for. It helps us to identify appropriate keywords and extensions we can weave through our writing.


We use SEMrush to help us take our keywords to the next level. The digital writing assistant can be integrated into Google Docs, where it provides helpful hints and tips.

The SEMrush algorithm provides pretty basic feedback on your readability, originality and keyword usage. Where it’s most useful is in its intelligent assistant that recommends keywords to include in your text.


Grammarly works in the same way as your Microsoft spell and grammar checker but claims to be much more intelligent. It integrates with all common packages and allows you to download directly into Word, which is useful.

It won’t replace human proofreaders (it doesn’t make a decent cup of tea for one) but is a really useful quick-check for content.

The software here can help improve the way you work and help you create great copy, but it won’t do it for you. That’s where we come in. Get in touch if you’re looking for high-quality copy that will beat computer-generated content or Fiverr-failures any day of the week.

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