Copywriting or Content?

What do copywriters or content writers do? They put words on a page for money.

What they should do (but don’t always succeed in doing) is choosing the right ones to generate the desired action.

Many people use the terms copywriting and content production interchangeably, but that’s not entirely correct. In fact, it’s completely wrong.

Content marketing and copywriting are two very different things. And here’s why…


A copywriter takes words and shapes them for a purpose. This purpose is usually to get you to take notice. They play with language, stretching the rules of grammar and syntax to create phrases that stand out. It’s about driving action through persuasive, persistent and powerful messaging.

There’s an art to copywriting that reaches directly to your soul. That’s the 10% of inspiration that, sometimes, even money can’t buy. (If you need proof see the multitude of poorly written copy on billboards, in magazines and on screens that you see every day.)

The other 90% is science.

If you want to know more about how copywriters work, Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a good example of the huge range of books exploring the power of words to influence behaviour.

The text contains numerous examples of the power of language, and how you can harness it. Whether you use it for good, or nefarious aims is up to you…

It’s an important book whose success kick-started a whole genre of copywriting texts that claim to be able to unlock the power of words.

In truth, there’s a tendency for writers to repackage common sense, presenting old ideas as new ones.  If you’re looking for some inspiration a good place to start is Edward Bernays’ Propoganda, Machiavelli’s The Prince or even Sun Tzu’s The Art of War  to see that the desire to change minds is as old as time.

A good copywriter will have read these books, a great one will read anything  – and take something from it.

In conclusion, copywriters spend time finding the words that matter.

You might pay a copywriter thousands – or even millions – and end up with just three words.  Think ‘Just do it’; ‘I’m lovin’ it’; and ‘make America great (again)’. (Ignore the last one.)

Copywriters can change the world with just a few words.


Content marketing is about creating materials that help to entice, entertain and – in some cases – inspire your audience. It’s about writing words that strengthen your brand positioning.

When we talk about content we broadly mean creating something with value. That might be a blog, an article, a case study, a whitepaper or a report. In exchange for reading it, your audience will know more about you, your values, your business and your brand.

Content is now one of the most important ranking factors in SEO, but good content can achieve more than just a temporary uplift in rankings – it can help change how people perceive your brand.

Content helps to tell your story.

Where it gets confusing…

The boundaries between copywriting and content can become confusing. As an example, a website will need both copywriting and content.

The copywriter will use your brand positioning statements, business plans, personae information and market analysis to help them develop a proposition and a tone of voice that works. This is about getting your website, brand and business to stand out online.

This will form the basis of the way you talk about your business. The content writer will use this, shaping the content of the website, that of blogs, whitepapers, reports and any other collateral that you create, to support this proposition.

A copywriter may be able to do the former, but not the latter – and vice versa.

Why are you different?

There are loads of great copywriters out there. Seriously, there are some amazing people who really can find words that transform your brand. There are also some great content professionals too (but you just won’t find them on Fiverr or in content mills knocking out 500 words for $5).

Where we are different is that we bring together copywriters and content professionals under one roof to develop both strands together. We employ insightful copywriters to create the words that inspire. Our content professionals can then develop this single proposition strategically, developing a comprehensive range of materials that help you to establish, develop and define your brand in a crowded marketplace.

In copywriting terms, we write good words good.

Why should I believe you?

You don’t demand trust you earn it – which is something we’ve been doing for over 15 years’. During that time we’ve worked with household names, international brands and public sector organisations that change lives.

But every big brand started small, which is why we created Copywriting Bristol. This is our way to work with clients of all sizes, providing a professional copywriting and content service at a fraction of the cost of other agencies.

We live and work in the city, operating from a local base at Paintworks. It’s a lovely place to work, with loads of great businesses and brands close by.

We’d love to work with you too. If you have a copywriting or content project you’d like to discuss, then please contact us today.

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